Breakfast for Dinner


When meal planning for the week, mix it up with a breakfast favorite. Here are 4 of our go-to ways to serve breakfast for dinner. What do these crowd pleasers have in common? They are quick, easy and delicious!

Breakfast Burrito

Got tortillas? Warm it up and you’re halfway there. Build a base with leftover hashbrowns, scramble some eggs with melted cheese, then sprinkle in any extra meat (ahem, bacon) or veggie for a quick, flavor-packed meal. Slot this one into a busy evening when dinner might be on the go.

Bacon, Eggs & Hashbrowns

You can’t go wrong with this classic—find it positioned at the top of every breakfast menu for a reason! Get delicious restaurant quality hashbrowns every time with Idaho Spuds. When preparing them, you use only the water you need to unlock the flavor of real Idaho potatoes. No fuss, no mess, no freezer burn. It’s an easy 4-step process.

Breakfast Bowl

Use hashbrowns as the base, and add…well, anything you want! We like to add a meat of choice, a couple flavorful vegetables and an egg, of course. See a pattern here? The possibilities are endless.

A Simple Hash

This is a great way to use leftovers. Using hashbrowns as the base, then chop and toss in your preferred onion and any leftover meat or veggies waiting to be used—ingredients like ham or bacon, dark leafy greens, bell peppers and carrots are great contender, just to name a few! Oh and of course, don’t forget to throw an egg on it.