School List Assist: 2-day Delivery with Amazon Prime

Gear up for the school year with the click of a button.

While you’re stocking up on school supplies, stock up on your family’s favorite breakfast side: Idaho Spuds Hashbrowns.
You are the master of multitasking!
Idaho Spuds Hashbrowns are your secret ingredient for back to school season—perfect for make-ahead breakfasts, after school snacks, and kid-pleasing dinners. Now available for 2-day delivery with Amazon Prime, where you can choose from three different sizes.

1 gallon (50 servings)

Stock up your pantry.

Stores conveniently in your pantry, freeing up valuable freezer space. Our resealable package lets you make as little or as much as you want at a time.

4.2oz box (7 servings)

Quick, microwavable prep.

Just add water, microwave for quick refresh and easily feed the family.

4.2oz carton (7 servings)

Feed the family.

Just add water, and you’re only minutes away from golden perfection. Up to 7 servings of potatoes in one tiny carton.

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