Classic Mashed Potatoes


We don’t think there’s any reason why quick and easy shouldn’t be delicious. So when it comes to our best-in-class Classic Flakes, you can expect creamy, easy-to-make spuds the entire family will love.

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Country Buttered Mashed Potatoes


With five flavors and four tasty servings ready in just four minutes, our flavored mashed potatoes are perfect for a quick side dish that everyone’s tastebuds will love. We always use 100% real Idaho® potatoes and leave out the partially hydrogenated oils. These are gluten free too!

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Country Buttered Flavored Mashed


Our favorite flavored mashed potatoes are now available in a 16-serving pouch. Your tastebuds told us that you can (and should) use them in one of our delicious recipes, and you’ll still have plenty to whip up as a quick side dish for your next family dinner. We always use 100% real Idaho® potatoes, but never use partially hydrogenated oils. Naturally gluten free!

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Au Gratin Casserole Potatoes

Cheesy, warm, and comforting—just like your favorite grandma

NEW Idaho® Spuds™ Casserole Potatoes are bursting with flavor. Forget needing a special occasion to make these spuds—they’re so easy to make, you can serve them up any night of the week.

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