• Where is the Best By or Use By code located on the package?

    Our Spuds have the best quality when used within 15 months of packaging, but you can always find a ‘Best by’ date on the top of every box or back of every pouch.

  • What is the shelf life of the mashed potatoes once prepared?

    While we recommend serving and eating them immediately, you should always refrigerate any leftovers and follow good food safety practices when storing.

  • What is the shelf life of Idaho® Spuds™?

    We’ve perfected the method we use to dehydrate fresh potatoes, giving Idaho® Spuds an average shelf life of 15 months. So you can stock up for a rainy day or three!

  • Why don’t your boxes come with a bag liner inside?

    Unlike most cardboard boxes, ours are made from a food-grade material that eliminates the need for a bag liner and allows us to reduce our carbon footprint and unnecessary costs to fans like you.

  • Do potatoes have potassium?

    They sure do! In fact, potatoes provide one of the most concentrated sources of potassium—higher than even bananas! Idaho® Spuds Classic Mashed Potatoes has 150mg of Potassium per serving.

  • Idaho® Spuds™ packaging looks different, is it still the same product?

    We have updated the Idaho® Spuds packaging, but the potatoes inside are made with the same recipe. New look but same great taste!

  • What is the difference between Idaho® Potatoes and Russets?

    These potatoes are usually characterized by the regions they grow in: Russets are a variety of potato grown in many states, but only potatoes grown in the rich, volcanic soil of Idaho are true Idaho® potatoes delivering a high level of quality.

  • Are Idaho® Spuds™ made from real potatoes?

    Absolutely! Our Spuds are made from 100% Idaho® potatoes. They’re farmed, peeled and prepped without fillers, so you can get perfect potatoes every time.

  • What makes Idaho® Spuds™ Gluten Free?

    Potatoes are naturally gluten free and because Idaho® SpudsTM are only made with real potatoes, so are we!

  • What makes Idaho® Potatoes so good?

    We only use 100% real Idaho® potatoes that are fresh cooked to give you a light, fluffy texture when properly prepared at home to give you the best spuds for your buck.